campo olivar


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil unfailing quality, it contains high levels of natural oxidants, Vitamine E, polyphenols wich make it very stable, a longer life.

Our fundamental aim is to offer our customers quality products minus the middleman (i.e. the product goes straight from the producer to the consumer), thereby obtaining the best possible value for the farmers of our cooperative partners. By doing so, we manage to progressively increase the percentage of olive oil that we package and also commercialise larger amounts of olive oil in foreign markets.

The mountainous areas we work in allow for low production levels only and limit the use of machinery. However, we value quality over quantity, respecting the surrounding environment, and we invest strongly in the sustainable development of our region and surroundings.


Continual innovation and product improvement are what our philosophy is based on. To ensure it, we, at Olivar de Segura, have established the following departments: Management, Quality Control, Lab: Research and Development, Production, Commercial Department, Accounting, Administration, Marketing.

We boast a team of professionals, as well as a cross-disciplinary way of working. We fully support the integration of women in the workplace and strive to provide stability within our workforce, providing worker training and maintaining and creating new jobs – depending on developments in the market – and strongly believe in the development of the surrounding areas of Sierra de Segura.