Campo olivar

1748, Fernando VI King of Spain provides that all lands be subject tu the jurisdiction of the Navy, the Segura region of joint become the maritime province of Segura de la Sierra.

Forest resources provisioned area timber necessary for the construction of the Tobacco Factory of Seville, important buildings and part of Fernando VI`s fleet.

Thereafter, our olive grove...

Olivar de Segura is a local cooperative located in the North East of Jaen in Andalusia, Spain. We specialise in the production, marketing and packaging of Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sierra de Segura area, and also Ecologically Farmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

An average production of 20.000.000 pounds, 4.500 farmers, 14 mills scattered within 30,000 hectares of olive groves which produce the highest quality oil farmed from a single mountain-side olive grove, reaching 900m above sea level.

The location, which boasts 214,336 hectares in the Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas Nature Reserve, make it the largest Protected Nature Reserve in the whole of Spain. In 1983, the UNESCO’s “Man and the Biosphere” Programme declared this mountainous region a Biosphere Nature Reserve. Subsequently, in 1998, the European Union declared the Nature Reserve an Area for the Special Protection of Birds.

The aim is to assure in the long term the survival of species and habitats more threaten in Europe, contributing to stop losing biodiversity due to the negative impact of human activities. It is the main tool to preserve nature in the European Union


Un enclave con pasado, por Juan Eslava Galán

Over the years Olivar de Segura has won more and more recognition for its quality as one of the main olive oil producers in Spain:

  • Quality Assured Designation of Origin “Sierra de Segura”.
  • NOP Ecological Farming Certificate (United States National Program).
  • IFS (International Food Standard) “Advanced Level” Certificate, awarded by AENOR (Spanish Quality Assurance Agency).
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified by AENOR and IQNet.
  • Quality Assurance Certificate of Andalusia, awarded by the Regional Government of Andalusia’s General Board of Industries and Advancement for Food and Agriculture.
  • “Nature Reserve of Andalusia” Natural Product Certificate for ecological products, awarded by Andanatura, the Foundation for the Protected Nature Reserves of Andalusia.
  • HACCP - Quality Assurance self-control system, approved by the Regional Ministry of Health of Andalusia.

Moreover, Olivar de Segura has won numerous recognition of merit awards:​

  • The 2006 “Best Spanish Food Industry Company” Award. This prize was awarded within the ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION category by the Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry for continued growth and dedication to ecological farming, as well as for our product diversity in introducing new lines of products to the market, and our training and informational activities.
  • The 2005 “Best Spanish Food Industry Company” Award. Second prize in the RURAL DEVELOPMENT category, awarded by the Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry, for being a cooperative that has brought a large number of farmers together and also for its pioneering work in searching for new marketing strategies.
  • The 2006 Ecogourmets Award for Best Ecological Food Cooperative. Awarded at the 20th International Gourmet Club Exhibition to the leading Sierra de Génave cooperative for its pioneering work in Spain in developing an ecological farming productive project.
  • The 2006 Award for Business Development and Innovation in management and marketing. Awarded by the Provincial Council of Jaen for its work in promoting and supporting new initiatives and projects which promote economic and social development within the province of Jaen.
  • The 2006 Alas Export Company Award for the province of Jaen. Awarded by the Regional Government of Andalusia.
  • The 1998 Export Award. Awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the province of Jaen.